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Why is bathroom hardware so necessary?

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This is the "disadvantage" of many people's decoration. Choose other places carefully, but you can buy the bathroom accessories at will. Many people think that all the bathroom hardware is the same, and there is nothing to choose from, so they bought the cheapest one to go home.

As you can imagine, the pendant has feeble moisture resistance, and it rusted after a short period. Over time, all the rusty hardware pendants have turned yellow. What's more serious is that the hardware armrests initially installed for the elderly broke and broke when you pulled them hard.

I warn you: don't look at the small bathroom hardware accessories, but you can never buy them casually.

It is, of course, best to have beautiful decorations and save money. However, what makes us feel happy and comfortable for a long time is high quality without any problems. This is the goal we should pursue in a limited way.

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