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Where should the bathroom hardware be installed? (2)

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In the previous article, we introduced several suggestions for the installation of bathroom hardware accessories. In this article, we will continue to introduce you to installing other types of hardware bathroom accessories.

The toilet paper holder stands with a shelf is also a necessary hardware accessory in the bathroom and toilet. It can keep your toilet paper clean and dry, and it is also very convenient when you need to use toilet paper. It is generally installed in a relatively secret location near the toilet, and the height is generally about 0.5 meters. And to do an excellent waterproof design.

Corner storage holder shelves are generally installed near the washbasin to place other bathroom supplies easily. Of course, it is also easy for you to access these items. Its height is generally 20cm higher than the washbasin, and it is in a convenient location for you to use.

All bathroom hardware accessories should consider the installation location from hygiene, convenience, waterproof, and beautiful aspects. It would help if you also made reasonable adjustments based on the actual situation of the bathroom space so that you can experience the hardware and bathroom accessories in the bathroom effect. Of course, the quality of hardware bathroom accessories is also essential. Choosing suitable accessories is a prerequisite for having a good bathroom.

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