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Where should the bathroom hardware be installed? (1)

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Hardware pendants are accessories in the bathroom of every household. You cannot install these bathroom accessories at will. If they are placed in the wrong position, they will fail to perform their original functions and become troublesome.

When decorating the bathroom, people may be more concerned about installing large bathroom products, such as toilets, sinks, water heaters, bathtubs, and so on. However, the placement of other hardware accessories in the bathroom is also exquisite.

The modern towel bar generally needs to be installed on the side close to your bathing position so that you can take and put towels and clothes. At the same time, pay attention to waterproofing, and prevent clothes and towels from getting wet by the shower. The height of the modern towel bar should not be too low. It is best to install it at the height of about 1.8 meters. To a certain extent, it can prevent the items stored on the modern towel bar from being wetted by splashing water.

You can place the bathroom hook rack next to the modern towel bar or behind the bathroom door. The bathroom hook rack needs to consider the waterproof problem further, and the bathrobe cannot be wetted by water. If the bathroom space is small and inconvenient to install the bathroom hook rack, you can consider installing it outside the bathroom door. You can also set the height of the bathroom hook rack at 1.7m-1.8m to avoid the bathrobe falling on the ground.

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