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What to pay attention to in bathroom renovation

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Unless you’re a seriously experienced DIYer, there are certain bathroom renovation jobs that are best left to the professionals. Getting your plumbing right is essential and can be easier said than done thanks to rules about pipe widths, angles and drainage gradients. Hiring a plumber could save you time, stress and money in the long run. For any electrics, play it safe and hire an electrician.

There could be an opportunity to add character to your bathroom by removing a drywall or false ceiling and expanding upwards into the rafters so be brave! An eaves space is fabulous over a bath, as is adding a skylight, which allows you to watch the weather while enjoying a soak. It’ll also add value to your house, too.

Baths come in many shapes and sizes so it is all too easy to order the wrong size, which is frustrating, timely and costly. Measure the length, the back-to-front space for the width, the floor-to-top for height and finally the depth. Also, take into account any additional space you may need to incorporate for shower heads and mixer taps.

Depending on your water usage habits and the size of your family, you could save $170 per year or more in water costs by going low flow, according to an EPA report. Switching to more efficient faucets and fixtures will quickly pay for itself, but the biggest reason to replace your old water-wasting models is the sheer amount of water you’ll conserve. While 71 percent of the planet is covered in water, only three percent is fresh (not salt water) and only 0.5 percent is suitable for drinking, the Bureau of Reclamation reports, so it behooves all of us to do our part to end wasteful water consumption. By replacing old faucets and fixtures with ones that bear the WaterSense label, you’ll conserve:

Omitting a place for towels Dyckhoff Don't ruin your beautiful new bathroom with messy piled towels. Keep fresh towels within easy reach with a laundry cupboard or displayed neatly folded on wall shelves. And, soggy towels on the floor is a definite no! So, if there is room, a laundry basket just for used towels will keep floors clean, dry and tidy.

Future maintenance can cost thousands if there are problems that can’t be quickly fixed, such as inaccessible taps or pipework, which means you must rip up flooring or damage walls if problems occur. Use fixings that can easily be unscrewed if necessary or perhaps create a false tile or bath front that’ll give easy access to a plumber.

High quality bathroom vanities are essential to the health and longevity of any luxury bathroom. A bathroom vanity can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and bathroom vanity materials to accommodate any bathroom design. For example, if you are going for a modern bathroom design, a black floating bathroom vanity for a large bathroom could be exactly what you need. If you desire a rustic look, a bathroom vanity with a natural oak style can work wonders.

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