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What does the bathroom hardware pendant include?

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First, let me briefly tell you about the bathroom hardware accessories.

(1) Towel rack

Put bath towels, wet towels from the previous night, temporarily changed clothes, etc.

The bathroom is generally closed and humid, and there is a small window, even without ventilation on all sides. When buying a towel rack, do not place it too close to the wall. Otherwise, it will be easily "impermeable" and become moldy if not dry out.

There are many people in the family, and you need to choose a towel rack with multiple poles and a larger size. You can pay attention to the spacing between the poles.

You can even buy an electric towel rail directly to heat and dry towels and clothes if you have a budget.

(2) Triangle shelf

These are all installed at the corners, with single-layer, double-layer, and even 3~4 layers.

If the guest room comes with a bathroom, it is recommended to put a single layer in the guest room and use a uniform style bottle for shower gel and shampoo. It looks concise and generous, and there is no need to put too many things for guests staying overnight.

If the whole family shares the bathroom, it is recommended to have as many bathroom skincare products as possible, mainly depending on how many bathroom skincare products the women in the family have.

Pay attention to the distance between the lower and upper layers, whether to buy enlarged bottle products. If you plan to buy 3 to 4 floors, you don't need to measure the spacing, and you can buy smaller empty bottles of sanitary products.

(3) Toilet paper holder

It is recommended to use a closed paper towel holder. Otherwise, the paper towels will get wet quickly.

(4) Toilet brush holder

A toilet brush holder is added to the hardware and bathroom brand suits—a little distance from the ground.

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