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Precautions for bathroom decoration (1)

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When you are decorating a new house, the bathroom decoration needs special attention. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the bathroom? How can the bathroom be beautiful, practical, and safe at the same time? Then we, as a famous bathroom accessories manufacturer, can provide you with professional advice. This series of articles will introduce you to bathroom-related little knowledge from all angles. Follow us to get the latest news in the long term.


Many bathrooms in old-fashioned apartments may have a common problem. That is the rusty folding towel rack for the bathroom in the bathroom. When this happens, it will not only make your towels dirty. Sometimes there will be breakage and damage, which has specific safety hazards. So why is the problem of folding towel racks for bathroom rusting so common?


1. The quality of the product itself is substandard. The coating on the metal surface is not very resistant to oxidation. Brass is prone to patina when exposed to a humid environment for a long time. This situation mainly occurs with cheap and inferior products.

2. Not paying attention to cleaning. Many detergents used in bathrooms contain acidic and alkaline substances. The residue of these substances can cause significant damage to the metal. It will cause peeling and deformation of the surface coating.

3. Water quality issues. If the water supply in your area is hard water. Then the minerals rich in water will adhere to the surface of the metal to form scale.


The water quality problem is regional. This situation is not shared. Choosing a high-quality stainless steel towel rack can avoid the first situation. The second situation can be avoided by developing good cleaning habits. Such a bathroom is enjoyable.


The above are some small knowledge about bathroom decoration brought to you this time. Welcome to pay attention to our website. We will update relevant industry knowledge regularly. If you are looking for a suitable quotation, you can contact us.

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