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How to Prevent Rust in Your Bathroom

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Remove rust stains at bay requires regular cleaning with the right products, like acid-based cleaners. All-purpose bathroom cleaners usually will not remove rust stains effectively, and chlorine bleach can cause rust stains to become permanent. Learn more about easy home remedies and helpful tips for cleaning rust stains. What Causes Rust Stains On uncoated metal surfaces, rust appears when iron and oxygen react with moisture to form iron oxide. That explains the rust stain left on the sink's edge by a shaving cream can or razor blade. But the rust stains found near sink and tub drains and toilet bowls are caused by water that contains high levels of iron particulates, iron bacteria, or iron plumbing pipes, rusty water heaters, or untreated metal components in toilet tanks. The stains appear most often in homes located in hard-water areas that use well water. The combination of iron bacteria and the minerals in the water can cause the rust particles to cling to the porcelain or enamel surfaces of bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, the stains will reappear after cleaning unless the water is filtered or treated with a water-softening system. How Often to Clean Rust Stains on Toilets, Tubs, and Sinks During the regular weekly cleaning of the bathroom, pay extra attention to the areas prone to rust stains. It is also helpful to thoroughly dry sinks, tubs, and showers after each use before the rust particles in the water have a chance to settle on the surfaces.

Stainless steel is also resistant to scratches. However, you could eventually see rust or wear even with this durable material. In most cases, you can remove it by using a bathroom cleaner, wiping it off with a wet cloth, and then using a glass cleaner to get smaller particles. Finishing with a metal polish can help you prevent rust in the future.

Rust is made from iron oxide, which is the metal formed from the reaction of water and metal. You can also introduce rust into your bathroom when you leave a metal item, such as a nail, a metal necklace, or tweezers, in moist areas in your bathroom. These items, when left untouched, develop rust over time that can stain surfaces.

A chrome finish is actually meant to work as a protectant layer against rust. So why are you seeing rust on your chrome bathroom fixtures? Unfortunately, rust can occur when the chrome plating is damaged from scratching or dents, and the metal underneath comes in contact with moisture and oxygen in the air. The good news is, you don’t have to live with those rust stains forever. Here’s how to clean rust from chrome bathroom fittings.

Pumice is a naturally occurring volcanic rock and is available in powder or solid form. Pumice sticks or stones can be used to scrub away rust, limescale, and hard water stains.

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