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How to Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

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When you clean your tub and shower, also take time to scrub your grout, as mold and mildew can build up in the grout lines. Regularly apply a grout sealer to help prevent mold growth. Wipe down the caulking or remove the caulking entirely, and refresh it whenever necessary. Use an old toothbrush with baking soda to restore its appearance.

Regardless of your decorating tastes, make sure that the curtain (or at least the liner) is tucked into the bathtub properly (instead of draped over the tub) when the water’s running; doing so can do wonders for keeping water off of your floor. Moldy shower curtains can sometimes be laundered, but plastic liners that show signs of mold growth should be replaced completely.

Wash Rugs, Towels, and Curtains Regularly . The bath mat, bathroom rug, towels, shower curtain, and liner are ideal mold growth spots, especially if you leave them unwashed for long periods of time. One easy way to help fight mold in your bathroom is to wash your towels, bathroom rugs, and shower curtains regularly—at least once a week—and together. Clean towels, rugs, and curtains mean a cleaner, healthier bathroom. If you don't have a washable shower curtain liner, change it frequently. Tip Don't forget to check out and wipe down the hamper you toss towels and other bathroom items into. It's the perfect spot for mold and mildew growth which results in odors, as well.

Get a Good Exhaust Fan . An exhaust fan is essential in a bathroom. The vents of an exhaust fan work by sucking the moisture out of the air and sending it outside. It's the first line of defense against moisture and mold. There are many types of exhaust fans for a bathroom so it helps to know what size you need. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) count on your fan will tell you if it's good enough for the space. If it's too small, buy a more powerful one. To calculate the ideal strength for your fan, multiply the square footage of the room by 1.1 for an 8-foot ceiling or 1.5 for a 9-foot ceiling.

Open Doors and Windows . Becker Another way to reduce dampness and circulate air is to keep the shower door (or curtain), bathroom door, and window open after your shower. Air needs to keep moving freely to discourage the development of condensation and mold growth. In addition to air circulation, keeping the doors and windows open lets in more natural light which is the mortal enemy of mold and mildew.

Cracked grout is the perfect surface for mold to grow on, and it’s often the place where you can spot it easily. Replacing your shower grout every 6 months is the most important step you can take to keep mold out of your bathroom. It’s best to clean your tiles and grout once a week with a pH-neutral cleaner, to prevent mold from invading and developing.

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