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How to judge the quality of bathroom hardware

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How to judge the quality of bathroom hardware

making raw materials

Inferior products: Generally, inferior zinc alloy recycled materials are used as raw materials, and corners are cut to reduce costs. The structure is loose, the weight is light, and the hand feels frivolous.

Excellent products: generally use finely polished pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy, or titanium alloy as raw materials, with tight structure, heavyweight, and thick feel. The raw material is preferably pure copper.

2. Die casting and finishing process

Inferior products: Small die-casting machines and simple machine tools are used, the pressure is insufficient, the product's surface has pores, silk lines, cracks, defects, and surface inequality, the polishing process is rough, and the process is simple.

Youpin: Using large-scale precision computer-controlled die-casting machine tools and digital precision machine tools, the surface of the blank is smooth, flat, without pores, silk defects, and other phenomena. The grinding and polishing process is rigorous, and the process is numerous.

3. Coating

Inferior products:

  • The electroplating layer is thin and uneven.

  • The structure is loose.

  • The bonding force is poor.

  • The luster is dull.

Due to the direct chrome plating on the blank, the surface is easily rusted, worn, blistered, and peeled off after use. The thickness of the coating is less than 20 microns, the material inside is readily oxidized by air, and the surface of the coating is often scratched and burred.

Youpin: In strict accordance with the national electroplating process standards, imported raw copper has undergone three processes copper plating, nickel plating, and chrome plating. Mi new. The structure is compact, the coating is uniform, the "color surface" is crisp, the thickness of the coating is generally more than 30 microns, and the surface of the coating is free of scratches and burrs.

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