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How to design a European Style Bathroom

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When you decide to update your bathroom, there are many different elements to consider, so setting the style direction for your new project can be challenging. European design may be the perfect choice to help create a timeless design that meets all your needs. A straightforward, minimalist look is the style's hallmark and is suitable for any size bathroom. In Europe, bathrooms are built on a smaller scale, which allows the design to perform very well in tight spaces. The versatility of the style makes it easy to replicate the design, even for the novice. Read on for a step-by-step guide to designing a European-style bathroom you'll love!

european style bathroon

Uae Natural Materials

The cornerstone of European bathroom design is using natural materials to create an organic feel that connects the indoors to the outdoors. You can use wood, stone, natural textiles, and various nature-infused metal finishes. There are many ways to incorporate earthy elements into a bathroom design. Perhaps install wood or marble flooring to give the space a grounded feel, or add a polished gold heated towel rack for a little sparkle. You can add textural elements to your design, including naturally constructed accessories and fabrics to complete the look.

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Pedestal Sinks

Imagine that you have a beautiful freestanding bathtub. Now imagine being able to take a warm, cozy towel from the heated towel rack and hang it within easy reach. Maybe you removed your old cast iron shower/tub combo and now have a spacious walk-in shower. On the one hand, you have your new rain shower head; on the other, you have heated towel racks with warm towels ready for you once you turn off the water. Or, perhaps you have large wet rooms with showers and tubs in the same area. Whichever bathing routine you follow, heated towel racks await you to keep your towels warm.

Linen Closet

Freestanding fabric closets are a popular design feature in many European-style bathrooms. If you have the space to build one, it will help add functionality to the design by providing a dedicated storage area. Adding a beautiful wooden linen closet will bring character to the bathroom. Cedar is a great material for building a bathroom closet because it helps absorb moisture in a damp space and helps keep your linens from getting moldy. Adding a full-size linen closet to a smaller space may not be practical for everyone. Instead, try various types of shelving, such as shelves above the toilet, tower shelves, or floating shelves. Creating a dedicated space for additional bathroom essentials, such as towels and toiletries, helps reflect the minimalist look.

Wet Rooms

Traditional European-designed bathrooms have no walls, which helps make the space appear larger. They have an open design that may include a wet room. A wet room can maximize the space by eliminating the shower, opening up the bathroom floor plan, and making it appear larger. If you decide to convert your bathroom to a wet room, you must hire a professional. A licensed contractor will build a completely waterproof wet room, making cleaning the area quick and easy. A wet room may contain a shower and tub, depending on the available square footage. When there is enough space, you may also choose to install a large bathtub for a more comfortable soaking experience.

You can create a very European-style bathroom according to the above decoration. Of course, I want a comfortable bathroom in addition to the style design. The quality of the configuration inside is also very important. If you want to purchase high-quality bathroom products, welcome to contact Yanghan.

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