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How to customize bathroom accessories sets (1)

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Many people purchase custom bathroom accessories sets by entrusting decoration companies. This approach is trouble-free and straightforward, but the quality and style of the decoration are challenging to meet your expectations. This article will introduce you to how to purchase custom bathroom accessories sets by yourself.

Let us first understand the classification of custom bathroom accessories sets.

1. Towel Rack, Towel Bar, Bathroom towel ring, etc.

This product is used to place towels and clothing and needs a specific load-bearing capacity and rust resistance. We recommend using stainless steel towel rack, stainless steel towel rail bar, and stainless steel towel ring. Towel bars are generally available in the market, such as single rod, double rod, multi rod rotation, etc. The towel ring and towel rod have a single function, and you can use them to hang towels and other clothes.

2. Paper Holder

The paper towel holder can protect the paper towel tube from being wetted by water. When choosing a tissue holder, consider whether it is simple and easy to use and within easy reach of using it. Some new paper towel racks are also designed with storage functions, such as mobile phones and wallets. Choose a suitable toilet paper holder with a shelf to meet your needs. If you have other requirements for the style and grade of bathroom decoration, you can choose a custom toilet paper holder.

3. Bathroom Hooks

Linked products are straightforward, and there are not many types. There are generally single hooks, double hooks, and row hooks on the market. They are usually used to hang clothes in the bathroom, bath balls, and all items that you can hang. This accessory is effortless; installing two or so robe hook racks on the empty wall is enough to meet the demand.

The above is about how to customize your own bathroom accessories sets. We will continue to update related articles in the future. If you are worried about your bathroom renovation plan, I believe we can help you. If you feel interested, you can contact us, and we will contact you in time.

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