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How to choose Bathroom hardware pendant

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If it is said that the kitchen can improve the happiness index the most in a home, then the bathroom can best show the style.

An exquisite bathroom can elevate the style of life. However, because the bathroom is often played later in the entire decoration process, it is often ignored when purchasing materials. Furthermore, the humidity in the bathroom is heavier than that in the kitchen. Long-term exposure to a humid environment will often cause water leakage, rust, blockage, damage to parts, etc., in the bathroom, so a bold solution was born - in the bathroom. The hardware is not easy to rust and has the characteristics of heavy load-bearing, which can be easily competent.


a. Raw materials

High-quality products: generally use finely polished pure copper, high-quality zinc alloy, or titanium alloy as raw materials, with tight structure, heavyweight, and thick feel. The raw material is preferably pure copper.

b. Die casting and finishing process

High-quality products: Large-scale precision computer-controlled die-casting and digital precision machine tools are used. The blank surface is smooth, flat, without pores, silk defects, etc. The grinding and polishing process is rigorous, and the process is numerous.

c. Coating

High-quality products: In strict accordance with the national electroplating process standards, imported raw copper is used and has undergone three processes copper plating, nickel plating, and chrome plating. Mi new. The structure is compact, the Coating is uniform, the "color surface" is crisp, the thickness of the Coating is generally more than 30 microns, and the surface of the Coating is free of scratches and burrs.

d. Accessories

High-quality products: Fasteners use stainless steel screws or copper screws, and glass products use originally imported glass rings, plates, uniform thickness, high transparency, and clear visual perception.

e. Packaging

High-quality products:

  • The packaging design is beautiful.

  • The printing is exquisite.

  • The trademark is clear and eye-catching.

  • The manufacturer and exact address are indicated on the outside.

  • There are quality inspection certificates and installation instructions.

f. After-sales service

High-quality products: generally have a solemn 3-5 year quality assurance commitment and include a practical quality assurance certificate, inspection logo, installation instructions, and the manufacturer's address and telephone number.

Precautions when purchasing: Sanitary ware is mainly composed of sanitary ceramics and their accessories. When purchasing, you should first have a sense of matching. All parts and accessories of the whole set of products should be in the same grade level. The style and color of the matching products must match to be harmonious and beautiful.

Reasonable use of bathroom hardware to prolong its service life

1. It is recommended to regularly clean the product's surface with water or mild detergent and then dry it with a soft towel. Do not use salt or vinegar-based detergents to keep the appearance clean and bright.

2. Avoid scratching the surface of the product with complex objects. Do not wipe with a rough cloth. It is recommended to use a particular maintenance rag for the bathroom.

3. Do not use it in contact with organic solutions and corrosive chemicals and use it in a gas environment with the above substances to avoid damage to the surface finish.

4. Bathroom hardware is generally suitable for installation after completing the decoration project to avoid product bumps and corrosion.

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