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Bathroom hardware cleaning and maintenance

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First of all, we need to understand the cause of the metal oxidation of bathroom accessories...

First is the maintenance of the metal plating surface.

  Every metal product will be coated on the surface; chrome plating treatment is the most common surface treatment. However, the chrome plating treatment on any metal surface does not mean that the product has an indestructible body.

In the case of copper, copper spots will appear; iron will rust; aluminum and zinc alloy will oxidize; therefore, maintenance becomes the most important habit. The chrome surface is most afraid that you do not touch it. The more often touched, the parts are brighter and more moving. For example, the faucet handle and towel bar are very bright is not! Then look at the water faucet and towel bar below. It is not all fog! Because that part is never touched, the accumulation of time and time again!

  Of course, the product is still brand new when it is maintained. The effect is the best. Take a metal mirror as an example. Use a standard cotton cloth to wipe on the metal surface, wipe off the hand or finger marks, reduce the time salt stays on the surface and can make the protection of the plating layer longer!

  If the surface of the product has started to fog, we can use stain removal oil or water wax for the lighter ones, use a towel or tea cloth (because this kind of fiber is good), lightly dip some stain removal oil or water wax and wipe the fogged area. Usually, the effect is noticeable. But the serious can only reduce the fogging spot, so far can only barely use or replace!

  The most taboo thing for plating is to use detergent or vegetable cloth! Hydrochloric acid can easily remove the fogging, but then you will see the bottom layer of the plating "nickel" and even directly expose the substrate, which can be said to be ruined. Damage and hydrochloric acid are comparable, and a remote wipe is slow to kill the product's surface. Wipe hard, then ask if you do not like it!

Friends, bathroom hardware, is a must-have small object in the bathroom. Although it is not as eye-catching as a large sanitary ware shower, it can also play a good role in storage, is our home health "small screws," and our lives are closely related. I must not ignore you.

So, for the bathroom hardware in the bathroom, how should we clean and maintain it?

The following old friends to share a few tricks ~ ~ ~

A. Bathroom hardware cleaning

Do not use any abrasive detergent, cloth, paper towel, acidic detergent, polishing abrasives or detergent, or soap to wipe the faucet's surface. The everyday use of various detergents, shower gel, and another long-term residue on the chrome-plated surface will degrade the surface luster of the hardware pendant and directly affect its surface quality. Do clean the hardware surface at least once a week with a soft cloth, preferably using [neutral cleaning agent].

Second, for hard to remove stubborn dirt, surface film, and stains, please use the mild liquid cleanser, colorless glass cleaner, or non-abrasive polishing solution to clean, then wash with water and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Third, please remember that you must immediately remove all the cleaning agents with water and wipe dry with a special maintenance cloth (or other 100% cotton cloth) for the pendant after each cleaning. Otherwise, water stains and dirt may appear on the pendant's surface.

Fourth, develop the habit of opening doors and windows to keep the bathroom air flowing, dry and wet to separate the maintenance of bathroom pendants.

Five, all-metal objects and objects that can cause damage to the surface of the product should be avoided from colliding with the surface of the product. Paint has a tremendous corrosive effect on the surface coating of the pendant, do not let the paint get on the pendant.

Six, every three months, can be used to decontaminate potent wax oil, coated on a clean white cotton cloth, the whole product for a thorough cleaning can moderately extend the product's service life. Finally, I hope that everyone must pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of bathroom hardware!

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