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Barrier-free toilet design,Bathroom Grab Bars is indispensable

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Barrier-free toilet design,Bathroom Grab Bars is indispensable

With the intensification of aging, various countries have adopted a series of measures for aging. Among them, the construction of barrier-free facilities is one of them. The construction of barrier-free facilities includes the layout and installation of barrier-free handrails in toilets and anti-collision handrails. , Then why install barrier-free handrails? What is the effect of installing bathroom safety handrails?

For the elderly and the disabled with different health conditions, Bathroom Grab Bars generally have the following functions:

1. It is easy to take care of yourself, and the safety of the bathroom handrail reduces the risk of falling down in the humid environment of the bathroom.

2. In addition to safety, the elderly can use hand and foot at the same time with the help of handrails in the bathroom.

3. Help with nursing. In many scenarios, the elderly need to stand for a short period of time. With the help of handrails, caregivers can save effort and will be much more relaxed and comfortable.

Bathroom Grab Bars

In order to illustrate the problem more vividly, we choose a typical toilet model to introduce the elderly in such a scene, where these disabled barrier-free toilet handrails need to be installed.

The first is to enter and exit the bathroom. In order to facilitate the elderly to enter and exit the bathroom, a straight handrail or corridor handrail can be installed at the bathroom door. Some disabled persons who need wheelchair assistance can also install medical anti-collision handrails according to their needs. The handle on the mobile door should also be equipped with an armrest function, so that the elderly and people with disabilities can have a climbing support, which will be more safe and comfortable.

The second is going to the toilet. A straight or L-shaped handrail can also be installed on the side of the active line inside the toilet, which can further improve safety. Elderly or handicapped persons of different levels should also cooperate with different bathroom handrails. For the elderly who can take care of themselves, the first need is to help them after using the toilet. At this time, we will recommend the L-shaped bathroom handrail, the level of this handrail. Part is used for support, and the vertical part can be easily pulled, which is very suitable for assisting after toilet.

For the elderly with constipation, sitting on the toilet for a long time will feel weakness in their limbs. At this time, an upturn toilet armrest can be installed to provide lateral support. There are also some elderly and disabled persons in wheelchairs. The flip-up restroom handrail is also very suitable: After the wheelchair is moved to the side of the toilet, move the flip-up safety handrail up against the wall, then the user can Move to the toilet smoothly and slowly, and then put down the flip-up armrest at this time, you can easily go to the toilet. Using the combination of the L-shaped armrest and the flip-up safety bathroom armrest will make it easier to put on and take off the pants.

The third is to wash. If the elderly need to wash their hands, or need to wash and use the hand basin independently, for the safety of the moving process, make them stand by the hand basin and move easily, and wash basin handrails can be installed on both sides of the hand basin.

There is bathing and bathing. If it is not convenient for the elderly to stand for a long time during the shower, they can use the upturning wall-mounted shower stool or the mobile backrest shower chair. When sitting and standing up, the side wall and front can be installed with a linear safety handrail, L-shaped multifunctional handrail or 135-degree bathroom handrail to help the elderly use their strength to balance. In the place where the shower head is placed on the front of the bath, T-shaped shower rails can be set to help the disabled realize assistance.

Toilet handrails are not only commonly used in barrier-free design of toilets, but also widely used in other public areas such as indoors and outdoors. The correct selection, installation, and use of bathroom handrails are also very effective in improving the quality of life of the disabled and the elderly, and reducing the burden on caregivers and family members.

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