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Aristocratic bathroom

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In higher end bathroom designs, gold is an amazing material to use. First of all, gold will not rust. Second of all, it is one of the most elegant bathroom materials on the market. Gold can be used great as a finish on faucets, toilet paper holders, towel bars and any other bathroom accessory or hardware piece.

Brass is an alloy metal made of mostly copper and zinc. The composition can range anywhere between 50-63% copper and 50-37% zinc, with other additives used for material malleability. There are many manufacturing methods used to create brass hardware, including wrought, forged, cast, and die-cut processes. Since it has a relatively low melting point, it's easier to cast and is soft enough to machine with little effort yet hardy enough to endure the rigors of life as a faucet. One of the main (and only) issues with brass faucets is that they're not 100% lead-free. It used to be a common practice to add lead to brass for malleability purposes, but now it’s been virtually banned for use in faucets and most other plumbing fixtures. Before 2014, a faucet could contain as much as 8% lead and still call itself lead-free. Now the maximum lead content in a faucet is 0.25% (1/4 of 1%). To comply with the restrictions on lead, today's faucet brass is "lead-free" brass that uses other additives for malleability.

Stainless steel and brass are versatile materials for this space and fit different interior styles. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium, carbon and some other trace elements, while brass is an alloy primarily of copper and zinc with traces of other metals. So which one is right for your bathroom? Let’s dig deeper.

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