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How to install the towel bar installation height is the best?

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Installation height:

900-1400mm above the ground;

1100-1200mm above the ground;

The single pole is generally about 1.5 meters above the ground;

The distance between the bottom of the towel rack base and the sink surface is 55 cm;

The bathtub towel rack is installed above the bathtub, generally on the opposite side of the faucet, at a height of 1600mm from the ground.

Towel bar classification:

 1. Classified by material

Which material is the best towel bar? In terms of materials, the towel bars in the current sanitary ware market can generally be divided into stainless steel towel bars, aluminum alloy towel bars and copper towel bars. The towel bar, as its name implies, is a hanger for drying towels. Therefore, the stainless steel towel bar is very popular. The general stainless steel towel bar is not easy to rust, and the surface is polished or brushed, which is beautiful and fashionable. The copper towel bar is mainly made of brass. Generally, it is electroplated with chromium, which represents nobleness and taste; the aluminum alloy towel bar is generally made in anti-rust aluminum group or hard aluminum group, and the surface is anodized.

 2. Classified by the number of strokes

Modern towel bars are generally divided into single bar and multi bar. A single towel bar refers to a towel bar with one bar, and a multi-bar towel bar refers to a towel bar composed of two or more bars. Two and three towel bars are more common in the market.

 3. Classified by length (size)

The size of the towel bar generally refers to the length of the towel bar. The length of the common towel bar currently on the market is 50CM, 60CM, 80CM, 100CM, etc. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, the length of the towel bar is 120CM or more. When purchasing a towel bar, you can choose a towel bar with a matching length according to the size of the bathroom. The general principle is not only to meet their actual needs, but also to make the bathroom beautiful. 

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