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How to install the kitchen shelf?

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There are many tableware items in the kitchen, ranging from pots and dishes to small spoons and chopsticks. Therefore, a shelf that can organize and place these tableware items is needed. The design of the shelf needs to be simple and elegant, but also dexterous. , The key is that it is conducive to the good access of daily necessities without laborious search. So, how to install the kitchen shelf? What are the precautions for installing the kitchen shelf?

One: Convenience and applicability

When installing the rack, you must install the entire layout of the kitchen and the needs of our daily life. The commonly used, the installation location that is needed for cooking must be not far from where we are cooking, in other words water is We can reach the ground with our hands, and we can install or place it in the vacant part of the kitchen if we don't use it frequently.

Two: save space

Because the kitchen is a relatively small place in our family, the installation of shelves must save space and make reasonable use of the space in our kitchen, such as on the wall of the kitchen, the back of the kitchen door, and so on.

Three: clear classification

When placing the racks, we have to sort the kitchen utensils and put them in a reasonable position according to their different categories. The drain rack can be installed next to the sink, the knife rack can be installed on the corner of the stove, and the seasoning rack is installed closer to our cooking.

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